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Hey guys,

Katie here and I am over the moon to announce the first tour of 2019 - the TRUST Tour! Woohoo!

Since my first busk in 2011, I have been supported in all kind of ways by my listeners-come-friends and together we have created some beautifully unique moments through the years. It always seems to work out because you have faith in me and I have faith in you. We build each other up to do brilliant things! I believe that is what this journey is about :)
For the TRUST tour, I have my friend Katja B to thank for getting in touch with a whole lot of venues and organising the upcoming concerts much further in advance than I could possibly imagine! Thanks to her plotting and planning we now have plenty new cities, venues and communities to get to know and some others to get to know a little better. Now it's in your hands guys! So pick your dates (and song requests), spread the word and l will see you soon!

To find out a little more about me here is a short introduction and also, a little about my main man, Steven Sharpe, who will be joining the tour in late April with our side project To Gaze Upon Us!

The intention was to become a midwife. But intention and desire collided for Katie O'Connor in 2011 on the streets of Galway, Ireland. Shortly after graduating, she put her qualification in the back pocket, shaved her head and moved to Berlin with just her guitar and her unrivalled voice. Staying true to herself matters much more than the security of staying within the lines of a normal lifestyle.
She is a vagabond. A dreamer. A story-teller. She doesn't fit the mould. Reasons why she calls Galway home. Yet in true globetrotter fashion, she spends many weeks of the year on the road, telling her stories in clubs, bars, cafes, concert halls and on the street. It is easy to stop and listen because she is genuine with a palpable passion in her songs. Her fourth album 'Fuel for Dreaming' has been met with a very positive response from her listeners.

is undoubtedly one of Galway's best kept secrets. Steven has been preforming his own brand of out'n'proud music around Galway for the past few years and has made quite a name for himself on the thriving music scene.
He has a veracious, witty, and soulful style which blends music, humour and storytelling. Sharpe has an eclectic mix of influences such as R&B, Folk, Rock, Spoken Word, Blues/Soul, Musical Theatre, and a number of Avant-Garde and Alternative artists which is clear in his unique approach to music and performance.
December 2014 Sharpe released his first live album “Hot Mess – Live from the Roisin Dubh". A one take live album featuring songs for his 2013 one-man musical "Who's The Man?".

"Songwriter, storyteller, raconteur, guitarist, entertainer, and challenger of traditional gender and sexual roles, Steven Sharpe is a man deserving of the term ‘multi-talented’." - Kernan Andrews

made their debut in April of 2015 in the Róisín Dubh in the run up to the Marriage Equality vote, and now they are back! Sharpe takes O’Connor to more upbeat areas, as she leads him to more sentimental and heartfelt places. Blending their individual styles, Katie’s melodic vocals beautifully complement Steven’s flamboyant sass to create a lush sound. The realiness is right here.
Both are established and strong vocalists, and when they come together, they bring an extra dose of character and pizazz. Comedic, colourful and occasionally off-the-cuff, this is a show within a gig. Just try and name a more iconic duo . . . I’ll wait. - Irish times

The TRUST Tour
March 29. - Bruges - t'Opkikkertje
March 31. - Bruges - Charlie Rockets
April 1. – Antwerp – Papa Jos
April 3. - Amsterdam - De Nieuwe Anita
April 4. - Haarlem - The Wolfhound
April 6. - Amsterdam - Café Saarein
April 7. - Aachen - Pfannenzauber
April 9. - Nuremberg - Cafe Fatal
April 10. - Nuremberg - Salon Regina
April 11. - Nuremberg - AEG Kulturwerkstatt
April 12. - Ingolstadt - Tagtraum
April 13. - Schwabach - Unfassbar
April 14. - Munich - Cafe Glück
April 15. - Weilheim - Café Bar Sonnendeck
April 17. - Herdecke - The Shakespeare Pub
April 18. - Cologne - Café Lichtung
April 20. - Münster - Heile Welt
April 21. - Frankfurt - Frankfurter Salon
April 22. - Karlsruhe - Scruffy's
April 23. - Eislingen/Fils - Meschugge
April 24. - Strasbourg - Le Local
April 25. - Lörrach – Heimathafen
April 26. – Zug - Zytclub
April 27. - Geneva - Les Récyclables
April 28. - Bern - Marta!